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Below are some pictures of my radios and antennas. I don't have a picture of my HF antenna but I am using an Alpha Delta DX-EE wire antenna as an inverted V with the center up about 30 feet.


This is a picture of the shack. It's a little old but still real close to how it look now. I have a small desk so I just have the radio heads on the desk. The radio bodies are in the closet next to the desk.

Shack Text
Here are some labels 
identifying the different radios.

dstar antennas

Here is a picture of the antennas I use for D-Star. The vertical antenna is a dual band Diamond X-50 for VHF & UHF. The stacked yagi antennas are M2  23CM22EZA  beam antennas for  the 23CM band. The beam antennas are feed with LMR 600 coax up to the power divider, then LMR 400 from the divider to the antennas.  The X-50 is feed with LMR 400 coax. The antennas are up about 25 feet.

Tri-band antenna
For the analog VHF/UHF radios I have a tri-band Diamond C2000A up about 25 feet. It covers 6 meters, 2 meters and 70CM.

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