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San Diego D-Star Links

KM6AWKM6AW's San Diego's D-Star dashboard.
PAPA System Here's the link to The PAPA System webpage.
D-Star QueryQuery a call sign on the D-Star system.
D-Star MonitorD-Star usage monitor webpage.

San Diego Amateur Radio Club Links

PARCPalomar Amateur Radio Club webpage.
EARSEscondido Amateur Radio Society webpage.
ROARSRamona Outback Amateur Radio Society webpage.
El CajonEl Cajon Amateur Radio Club webpage.
SANDRASan Diego Repeater Associaton webpage.
ECRAEast County Repeater Associaton webpage.
San Diego Six ShootersSan Diego Six Shooters webpage.
San Diego DX ClubSan Diego DX Club webpage.
Fallbrook ARC
Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club webpage.
Convair 220 ARCConvair 220 Amateur Radio Club webpage.

San Diego Amateur Radio Coordination Groups

SANDARCSan Diego County Amateur Radio Council webpage.
TASMATwin-Band Area Spectrum Management Associaton webpage.
SCRRBASouthern California Repeater and Remote Base Association webpage.

Amateur Radio Internet Audio Links

Radio Reference Reflector 12AHere's a link to the PAPA System Reflector 12 audio link.
Radio Reference AnalogHere's a link to the PAPA System analog repeater audio link.
SMeterSMeter HF receiver webpage. Listen to HF audio on the internet here.

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Updated 8/25/2013