AK6AK's Site

Here is the latest APRS location for my Jeep from the FINDU.com website.

I have the followingAPRS identifiers. Click on the call sign to go to the FINDU website to view the position.

AK6AK     This would come from my D-Star HT, an Icom IC-91AD.
Thats my home radio, a Kenwood TM-D-7000A.
AK6AK-7 Thats my portable HT radio, a Kenwood TH-72A.
AK6AK-9 Thats the analog radio in my Jeep, a Kenwood  TM-D710A
AK6AK-M Thats the DPRS from the Jeep's D-Star radio, an Icom IC-2820H

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