Stacking The M2 23CM22EZA Antennas

Here is some information on stacking the M2 23CM22EZA beam antennas. The frequency range for these antennas is 1250 - 1300 MHz.
Each antenna has 22 elements and has a gain of 18.2 dBi. A power divider is needed to connect the two antennas to the single coax feed from the radio. Stacking these antanneas together will increase the gain by 3 dB for a total gain of about 21 dBi.

The driven elements can be adjusted to keep both antennas in phase as shown below. This allows the antennas to be mounted so the coax feeds to the center for a clean install. I use LMR 400 coax for the phasing lines and LMR 600 for the coax from the radio to the power divider.


Here is a diagram showing the capture area of the M2 antennas
Note: The M2 23CM22EZA antennas have equal capture area of 23 in high and 23 in. wide not 22" & 23" as shown.

Capture area

M2 23CM22EZA Antenna
M2 23CM-2PRTPD Power Divider
M2 UHF-50 Phasing Cables

Updated 11/11/2012