Portable Solar Power

 Portable solar 2Portable Solar 1
Here's the Goal Zero Explorer 150 battery pack and the 30 watt solar breifcase that I use to power my netbook computer and other small items like my cell phone.

Portable Solar 3
Here's the two ET 45 watt solar panels that I use with a group 24 (76 amp hour)  gel-cell battery for running the radios.

Portable Solar Power 4
The tripod stand is made from surplus military poles and the head section is made from 1.5" PVC. As you can see in this picture, these solar panels use the MC4 interconnect cables. I use two multibranch MC4 connectors to parallel connect the panels together. 

Portable Solar 5
This is the Morningstar 15 Amp Sun SaverMPPT charge controler with a power meter and small AGM battery.

Updated 01/15/2013