Shack Battery Back Up Power

I Have a 75 amp hour battery for back up power for my VHF & UHF radils. The battery stays charged from power my DC power supply through a West Mountain PWRgate PG40S. To keep the voltage at 13.8 volts from the 12 volt battery I use the MFJ battery booster MHF-4416B.

The PWRgate PG40S keeps the battery charged and will automaticly switch to battery power if the AC fails.

Below is a diagram showing how the system is wired

Battery Backup

Item List and Opinions

West Mountain PWRgate PG40S - The PWRgate PG40S is excellent. It works juat as advertised. I does come pre-setup for ues with gelled type batteries. It can be configured to charge AGM type batteries but the voltage on your power supply will need to be increased a little bit to 14.5 volts.

MFJ Battery Booster MFJ-4416B - I rate the MFJ battery booster as good. It works as advertised with typical MFJ build quality. MFJ also has a remote control/meter for this battery booster, part number MFJ-4416BRC. This device will also disconnect the load if the battery voltage drops below a pre-set level.

Group 24 Gelled Beep Cycle Battery - The gel-cell batter has a 75 amp. hour capacity. It will provide more discharge cycles then the AGM style of battery. The downside of the gel-cell is that it must be charged at a lower rate or it will be permanently damaged.

MedUSA Research Power Analyzer II - This company is no longer in business. This unit works great and its closest replacement is the Power Werx DC inline power meter.

West Mountain Rigrunner 4005 - The RIGrunner 4005 is the smallest of the RIGrunners. West Mountain has RIGrunners in many sizes and styles. They are all excellent.

Updated 11/11/2012